Re-use it baby!

Today is totally renovation day. Tradies bumped in at 7am ready to get cracking, tool belts and all.
I feel slightly ill knowing that I am going to come home to a house skeleton.

Cheef Webb is on holiday for the first week while the demolition takes place, hanging with the kids at Hairy Hounds who are excellent.

To take my mind off the renovations, I want to share a little secondhand market treat with all my pregnant pals and new mums.

On Sunday 20th January, the quarterly Re-use it Baby market will be held at the wonderful Substation in Newport. Reggie and I went to this market in November and scored some sweets treats including a back-to-front backpack thing called a Baby Bjorn. I’m hoping it was made by an ABBA member, but for $1, who cares.

There are about 50 stalls at this market which are run by parents looking to offload stuff their kids have grown out of. If you are looking for knitted sweats for winter, port-a-cots, prams, blankets and a whole lot of other stuff for bub, I can’t recommend this market enough.

If your partner gets bored (or overwhelmed like Reggie did last time) there’s a cakestall at the entrance that raises funds for a local charity. We buried our faces in the choc brownies last time. Here’s hoping they have them again.

See you at the Market near the cake stand.

With love,

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