Bikini body special – before and after

Day Two is down and dusted and Day Three brings the delightful asbestos removal. Todd and Gio work like absolute trojan horses, as when we got home last night all the rubbish had been removed (and the floors swept) making the house look like I thought it would in three weeks time – not on day 2! Todd has also had a haircut, which was super impressive. Very well-groomed boys for builders. I’m imagining them laying out their neatly folded asbestos suits ready for today’s removal.

Reg and I are yet to have a disagreement about anything. I think it’s because we are so busy trying to work through all the logistics like taking washing to the laundromat, picking up the dog, lunging in the skeleton house and trying not to be seen in our undies out the front by the neighbours.

The port-a-loo and port-a-shower are actually better than what we had before. The toilet has a door. You will see in the pics below that we have had a curtain for a toilet door for the last two years. When we had guests around, we would ask them to sing in the toilet to block the sound. People stopped coming around. But now that we have a port-a-loo, wowee, come on over!

The only tricky thing about having portables in the front yard is planning each visit. For example, this morning I had to put on a dressing gown, put my house keys in the pocket and a shower cap in the other pocket (I felt weird walking out of the house with a shower cap on), put thongs on and then put my gown in a place where it couldn’t get wet. Logistics.

The hallway kitchen is also testing our logistical brains. With my pregnant gut in the way of everything, Reg has to crawl on his stomach to get past me each time. With Reg being a chef, I’m sure he’s going to start feeling the frustrations of not having a stove or oven. At least he can test his creative brain with ideas for tea using the BBQ, a camping stove, a microwave and boiling water. Lucky all I want to eat this week is watermelon. Probably explains why I look like one. We’re having chops tonight, which we will probably eat out the front next to the portables, in our blundstones and dressing gowns with paper towel shoved into our collars. This will be followed by choc wedges in the skeleton house discussing the iron bed whilst doing lunges.

Last night while looking in a hole in the floor caused by a rats nest, I saw a top of an iron bed post lying under the house. Pee-in-pants material. I’ve asked Todd to pull it out for me when they rip off the lean-to tomorrow, so watch this space. I’m hoping it’s a cot, otherwise the baby might have to sleep in a drawer when it arrives in April!

Oh, and how could I be so rude? Of course you want to see pics of the house pre renovation. So here they are:

View into lounge and entrance to kitchen

View from weird space into kitchen
Cheef in former kitchen
Former kitchen
View from lean-to into kitchen

View from bathroom in lean-to
Our doorless toilet and laundry

Weird space between hall and kitchen / lounge

Demolished laundry

Salvaged door from demo

Hallway slash kitchen for now

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