One small step for man, one giant pile of asbestos

Day 3 is down and the asbestos is wrapped and piled ready to be taken away. This is what Christmas presents look like for very bad children.

Gio with the wrapped asbestos

Todd with his very flattering suit
Job well done, Gio

Our boys – G&T

We were right about the bed frame that the boys discovered under the house. It might do for the garden perhaps? Or for a gate? Definitely not a cot.

The lean-to has finally been demolished, as Todd described ‘With a huff and a puff, she blew right over’.

We were delighted to find a little bluestone under the floor in the centre of the house which Todd said was probably a hearth. I like the idea of having a hearth, mainly because I can say things like… ‘ok, let’s gather around the hearth for a photo’ and ‘Warm yourself by the hearth, dear’. It’s so Laura Ingalls Wilder, I just want to cook cornbread right now (except I probably couldn’t do that on a BBQ).

We seem to be getting used the the portables. I put some nice hand soap and hand towel in their yesterday and I noticed there is a little sticker already inside the toilet bowl that says ‘Aim here’. So far, the loo is clean.

Today the boys are ripping up the rest of the floor and loading up the skip. Reg has the day off, so I will probably come home to the three boys and Cheef sucking beers in the backyard while trying on the asbestos suits.

With love,

Here’s some progress pics.

Me standing above the hearth

Reg and Cheef discussing the renos in the former lean-to

The bed heads discovered under the house

Former kitchen

The hearth

Reg reviewing the rear of house

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