Digging holes, the $20 date challenge & this week’s garage sale

Todd – “Sorry Ali, there’s not much exciting stuff happening this week as we’ve gotta dig some holes and level the house”.

NOT MUCH EXCITING STUFF?! Hell, I must have a very low excitment rating or Todd and the boys just find digging holes pretty boring.

I’m from country Victoria, a place called Yackandandah, where digging holes was part of your upbringing. There’d be digging holes for fence posts, digging holes for the new basketball ring post, digging holes for fort stability, digging holes for a chook shed, digging holes to set up a trap for your brother aka Abbott and Costello in Africa Screams, and digging holes for fire pits in order to jump over them with your BMX.

Show me a massive hole in the ground that you have dug and I’ll instantly want to write a press release about it.

I think there are going to be around 12 holes dug ready for new stumps. 12 holes!! Rad.

Following a day off yesterday, I witnessed the digging of around 8 holes; all of them deep enough for me to be buried in standing up. Cheef was so impressed, as was I.

It’s weird being home while there are three builders in your backyard slaving away with their picks and shovels and something that looked like a melon baller. From my slumber, I imagined it kind of looked like this scene from Cool Hand Luke:

But it didn’t. All shirts were kept on. Unfortunately.

Firstly, the boys arrived at their normal time of 7.30am and I was in my nightie.
Then I had the task of having a shower in the portable while they set up their tools for the day. Awkward.
Then I had a massive pregnancy nap for 2 hours at 10.30am (I think only pregnant women and junkies nap at this time).
Then I joined the boys for lunch and we had discussions about weddings, girlfriends, the woman who sang Jack, Jack, Jackie and holes. Totally not the chit-chat I was expecting from a bunch of 19-29 year-old dudes.

Stay tuned for some pics of holes and fluro string.

For knocked up women living in the Western suburbs:
Get thee to the Yarraville Swim Centre (which is actually in West Footscray) for their Aqua Aerobics classes (Mon & Wed nights at 8pm). At only $10 a class (cheaper if you get a membership), you’ll develop a sweet taste for H20 in no time and your back will thank you for it. Bargain.
P.s Yarraville Yoga is holding free yoga classes next week. Pre-natal is on Sat at 2.15pm. Crap time, but awesome session… especially as it’s free!

$20 date night challenge
Speaking of bargains. Reg and I are on the hunt for suggestions for $20 date nights. Date nights for us have to involve food, a beer and some form of entertainment outside our very small, renovation station.

To date, these babies have kicked goals in the dating category. Feel free to plug some suggestions below in the commentary box.
Hao Phong, Footscray. $10 pork chop and rice
Sun Theatre. Mon & Tue $10 ticket night (lollies snuck in bag)
White Guy Cooks Thai. $4 pork belly sliders plus beer in the park
Tandoori Times, Yarraville. $12 plate of curry (shared) plus $4 Kingfisher beer
Blockbuster Yarraville. $2 Tuesdays. Rent any new release or weekly for a measly gold coin. Spend the rest of Coles’ Lamington Flavoured ice-cream.
Yim Yams, Yarraville. $9.90 specials Mon-Wed.

And finally, Garage Sale of the Week is Bellairs Street on Sat 19 Jan:

The mention of cupcakes and touch of yellow curly string got me over the line.
Tell us more.

With love,

One thought on “Digging holes, the $20 date challenge & this week’s garage sale

  1. Some $20 recommendations from pals:
    – Don dons in south melbourne (Claire)
    – Baguette, roast chook, picnic blanket, warm night (Zoe)
    – Maybe a weekend date – fish n chips in queenscliff in the park (Carly)
    – 20 mins at Timezone (Micah)
    – You can have a super delish Malay-Indo din at KOKO YEE near Melbourne Central for under $20, I've done it myself! X (Emma)
    – Rooting is free (yes it is Kitty, but look what happens)
    – Other CBD cheap eats: Shanghai Street (best dumplings in town) on Little Bourke, Kaneda (great donburi) in Mid City Arcade, Pho Dzung (Russell Street) or Mekong (Swanston Street) for pho, Ramen Ya for, you guessed it, ramen. (Emma again)
    – FroYo (Miri)
    – A cubby date. Like kids. Build a cubby (sheets pillows chairs etc) and eat dessert for dinner. You'll feel like goofballs but it will bring out the inner child. (Hopefully not literally for you though considering mini-web isn't cooked yet!) (Hayley)
    – Does it have to be totally food? What about laps/frolic at the local pool followed by frosty fruits. Pack some baquettes and go watch the sun set over St Kilda pier. Just don't be a weird couple that do preggie pilates together (meanwhile thats over $20). xx (Megan)
    – DIY (daniel)
    – PHO (Beck)
    – Bare foot bowls at your local lawn bowls club. (Kerry)

    Keep em coming!


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