A pregnant pause above a deep hole and check out what Rhonda donated!

So I may have freaked out Todd and Gio… just slightly.

The other day during lunch break I mentioned to the boys that they may have to drive me to hospital if the baby decides to come early. I didn’t mention (but I’m sure they will read this) that they will have to hold my hand while I’m screaming until Reg gets there, and if the bub decides to be born on the side of the road, then they will have to deliver it.

Their faces went white when I explained. Then Todd sparked up with “What hospital? I better plug it into Google maps this week so we’re prepared.”

See, this is why I like these builders. They work like absolute Legomen and are always thinking of the bigger picture.

Cheef inspecting a hole

Proud Reggie with the holes

Here are the holes the boys dug. Are you impressed? I totally am.

Reg and Cheef admiring the pile


Rear of the house. Look at all our holes!

Rear of house held in place by temporary frames

We had a quick debrief with Dougie – the big boss, possibly a giant – this morning about our stumps. Apparently we need a few more ‘sticks’ in the ground to support the foundation of our house. We have a really heavy ceiling made of terracotta tiles that needs to be fully supported therefore we support Dougie’s recommendations. We agree and add the estimate to the spreadsheet which is slowly starting to look like Melbourne’s weather chart.

The secretly stashed pressed metal

This week’s super find was a stack of pressed metal that was underneath a false ceiling above our former kitchen. It needs a bit of a clean up but I reckon we’ll whack it up as a splashback in the laundry or kitchen behind some glass.Might save us some cashola later on.

I would like to say a massive thank you to keen reader Rhonda who donated two boxes of absolute treasures that are going to sit pride of place in our new kitchen – pics below. We love you Rhonda.

These items are glorious and I’m so excited to get them off mum and stepdad Chris who seems to be holding onto all of our precious ceramics and glassware (plus other crap) during the renos. Good onya Julie and CK.

P.s. Just got a call from Dougie. He has lent us his air conditioning unit while we renovate. I think I might cry as I can see my ankles slowly swelling during the heat of today.

With love, Ali

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