Planning to see our plans? Here they are! Plus, the first peak at our kitchen layout

About a year ago, our architect Angus McDonald (also a giant – however not sure if he is taller than his brother Dougie*) drew up some excellent plans for our renos.

The brief was in the form of a prayer:

Dear architect, who dwells in New Zealand
Hello, Webb’s thy name
Thy kingdom is bummed
What can be done
To our house to make it look like a magazine
Give us a new place, our daily space
And forgive the fact that we are pregnant
As we forgive the fact that you are a Kiwi
Don’t make this a display home
Filled with plasticy evil
For wine is on offer
As is the glory
Of working with two rad people,
We can be BFF’s for ever and ever
Yeah man.

After a bit of tweaking and emptying his spam box, Angus-baby said yes to being our ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER and came up with this:

The old house plans

The new house plans

We were very excited to receive plans for our kitchen layout today. We bought a second hand kitchen that Dougie found for us from another site he is working on. We are re-using all the cupboards and drawers and reconfiguring them for our pretty cooking space. Reg (with guidance from Dougie) is making concrete benchtops for both the island bench and kitchen bench and we scored a sa-weet oven and rangehood off Appliances Online in the recent boxing day sales for less than a pretty penny. So far, the kitchen has cost us less than $3k and we’re pretty stoked.

Our new kitchen layout

I’m still waiting on delivery date of the steel beam, so watch this space. I can barely keep my excitement contained knowing it could arrive any day now!

*Perhaps this is another bet.

With love,

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