A massive steel rod arrives

And a massive steel rod it is.
I wasn’t home to witness the large rod’s arrival, but apparently there were 15 men carrying the beam through the kitchen aka hallway out to the back of the house.

I imagined it looked a little like this, but with men that were taller and carrying a beam.

After yesterday’s debrief with Todd, I got the impression that I wasn’t allowed to ask ‘When will the steel rod come?’ EVER again. I realised a lot later on why they were probably laughing at me…

So I got Reg to ask instead. When I found out it was coming today, I squealed like a teenager. I had vivid dreams of a beam arriving via the main street carried by 20 gents wearing tool belts, Hard Yakka shirts, stubby shorts and singing in unison. Perhaps even a couple of rainbow glints shining as they turned a corner.

It was nothing like that.

So here is the beam. It’s lying on its side ready to be put in place next week (potentially another squealy moment). Thank Christ the beam-maker (assuming that’s their official title) measures twice and cuts once, this baby is a perfect fit.

Cheef and I sitting on the steel rod
Lunging in the new frames

We’ve got some additional fellas working on the site this week. Welcome to Chris, Squirrel, Ross and handsome Harry.

I am thinking about doing some profiles on the boys so you can get to know them, just like we have. I mean, these boys are really our new housemates and they’re the coolest gang.

Here is what I know about them thus far:

Todd – the quietest of the bunch, but captain of the team. Even injured this dude is such a methodical worker and possibly the healthiest tradie known to man. Fan of 1980s wedding bands. He’s from Geelong but we don’t hold that against him. Ladies – he’s taken.

Gio – the Italian Stallion. Rock climber, charmer and champion. Cheef has a crush on him. Ladies – he’s taken and getting hitched later this year.

Ross – the boxer. Enters heaps of boxing comps, but I’m not sure if he has won any. I have only seen him for fleeting moments when he is dropping off or picking up the jack hammer. Does 180km up the cul de sac in reverse. Status unknown.

Chris – the Beard. I have only met him once and he has a beard. Looks like he would be an excellent dancer with a few stubbies under his belt. Status unknown.

Squirrel – rides a motorbike and asked about the baby in my belly in a super blokey way which made me giggle. Reminds me of Ed Norton. Possibly cheeky. Potentially sings loudly with the radio on site. Status unknown as is his real name.

Harry – sneakers. This man is trouble. I’ve met him for two minutes, and he has TEEE-rouble written all over his face. Not sure how I know this, I must have felt it in my waters. Status unknown as is whether he is an employee or just popped over for fun.

And of course Reg, who has been working with the boys on his days off. He’s totally taken.

Hi Reg

That’s the posse. Excellent men. I’ll get some pictures up stat. Something tells me that I don’t think these guys will be too shy with this opportunity!

Sun beam and our beam

From here, I think the boys are laying something that I call yellowbeard. I know it’s not called yellowbeard, but it’s something like that. Pretty much it’s chipboard with a yellow plastic tongue sticking out. This goes on top of the floor framework the boys have built so the the floorboards can go on top.

Stumps and holes are so done and dusted. I think we’re all over that topic of conversation.

I have been told by Dougie that a bit of framework with be going up next week and potentially plumbing the week after. The issue of the hearth still needs to be sorted. Watch this space.

13 weeks until Cobb Webb meets and greets us. Maybe 11 weeks until the house is finished. I’ll be crossing my legs until then. The only early delivery we want is from the hardware shop.

With love,

6 thoughts on “A massive steel rod arrives

  1. I heard a rumour Doug doesn't employ anyone whose name starts with the letter K as they have a habit of wandering off interstate or overseas…


  2. Ah, the Squirrel is an interesting creature. He will imbibe a malty nectar or red claret equally comfortably, preferably while thoughtfully musing at the world gone mad, but one should always say Inuit, never Eskimo – something best heard in Squirrelese. A nutty individual indeed.


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