Nesting needs and week 3 in review

Perhaps it’s because I’ve just hit the 3rd trimester and I’m on the home straight or maybe it’s because I get bored super easy and constantly need a project, but it looks like this ‘nesting’ thing is starting to kick in.

My blessed mother-in-law Jan purchased this sweet wooden baby chair from Lonesome Whistler (an amazing second hand land in Yarraville) and I’ve given it a little sand and paint to spruce it up. Here’s the before and after.

Baby chair – BEFORE
Baby chair – AFTER

On Saturday I found some classic Golden Books, a little bronze rocking horse and an awesome mirror for the bathroom in the same store. On top of this a couple of little knitted cardies arrived via ebay post. It’s begun!

Nesting treats

What a massive week it has been with the whole excitement of the steel beam arriving which is now sitting in our back yard ready for install.

Rad mirror for bathroom

Todd, Gio and Chris Beard have installed a dance floor for us out the back of the house using the ‘Yellowbeard’. From here the floorboards will be placed on top at a later date and I understand we have a plumber coming in this week to sort out our bathroom and kitchen pipes. YAHOO!

Dougie and I are going shopping this week for a bath. Sounds a bit domesticated, but the plan is to use his trade discount. Excellent.

Over the long weekend, good pal Ollie helped us out with carting piles of dirt, concrete and other crap from the backyard to a skip out the front. While Ol and Reg sweated like whores in church, all I could do was serve food. At least I really like food (and apparently milk this week) so I didn’t feel that useless.

In week four we should start to see framework go up, which includes these things called ‘noggins’ (sp?). A noggin is a piece of timber that lies horizontal between two vertical pieces. See – totally learning! I always thought a noggin was a head? Plumbing will be thrown in the mix and by the end of week 5 doors and windows will be placed in position. Pretty freaking exciting.

So here’s a little photographic review of week 3. Thanks to Todd and Dougie for some of the pics.

With love,

Cheef walking the plank, ensuring everything is on track.
Ollie emptying his 18th wheel barrow into the skip

The crane arrives with the steel beam. Everyone looks so excited!

The boys bring the beam through the house.

Gio and Todd carefully bring the beam thru, while Harry looks on.
We imprison the escapee
Ollie finds a non-human (we hope) bone.

Man land.
Cheef admiring Chris Beard’s lunge

Gio and Todd laying insulation.
Gio bringing cement through the house

Todd attempting to dig a hole

Harry reaching into a hole

Our whole reno is based on Todd’s calculations.

Harry and Todd discussing cement 

Very serious calculating times

Todd and Harry checking cement consistency

The cement truck arrives

Gio and Todd spending time with the steel rod

Todd, Harry and Gio moving the steel rod

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