Hocus pocus, we come home to disappointment

I’m totally on to you Todd. I’ve worked it out. You can’t trick me anymore. I’m one smart cookie.

Tuesday morning:
Ali (on tip toes leaning into site, putting her hand up to ask the question): “What’s happening this week Todd?”
Todd (takes hands out of pockets and slowly puts on a hoodie): “Just a few things. Maybe later this week or next you might see the beam go up – but don’t get too excited – and maybe some plumbing. We’ll see how it goes.”
Ali: (fist pump, little tap dance): “Oh, ace. Plumbing next week. That’s like water and stuff. Cool! P.s. did you get to the snow on the weekend?”
Todd: “No, it’s January.”

Tuesday afternoon:
So you can imagine my absolute disappointment when I get home from work last night to find THE BEAM HAD BEEN INSTALLED and the PLUMBING ROUGHED IN. Unbelievable. All done.

I’ll probably come home today to the whole house completed, paint and all with little flowers in a vase and a wooden ‘home sweet home’ on the front door. Then what are going to do for the next three months?*

So because all the taskettes that I was looking forward to over the next fortnight have been completed, the only thing I can get excited about this week is Gio’s birthday on Thursday. Todd won’t be getting any cake.**

Here’s some pics of me with the steel beam and the plumbing.

Me with the installed beam

Notes from the tradies

Me realising the beam had been installed

The beam. Isn’t she beautiful.

Cheef with the tradies shopping list

Reg shocked to find plumbing done

So we didn’t have much to do last night except eat and nap. Who knows what we will find tonight. Stay tuned.

Reggie’s BBQ frittata
Nanna nap before tea.
*This post was written with a thick layer of sarcasm. I am genuinely surprised that so much gets done everyday by 2-3 dudes, that I think I am going to install a nanny-cam to see if there is some kind of wizardry taking place.
**If there is cake, Todd might get a slice.

With love,

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