Toilet humour: we see a rear appear

Gio turned 28 today and to celebrate we had cupcakes.

Following a hospital visit (don’t worry mum, it was just a standard pre-natal appointment), I picked up these sweet treats from the Cupcakery in Yarraville Village. I tried to pick out the most masculine of the bunch, and I think I did ok. They were excellent. The boys agreed when we shared them over smoko.

Cupcakes – peanut butter, cookies & cream and mocha. Ace.

I experienced the most masculine shopping trip of my life this week – that’s a pretty big statement considering I have two brothers. I went tradie shopping.

We purchased an awesome pressed tin bathtub (kinda like this but bigger) from the Reece warehouse in Footscray for a measly $100. Totally pumped to save that cashola, so I thought we could lash out and pick up a nice toilet from the Reece Showroom upstairs.

We bought this one with the name ‘Posh’. Hilarious. We didn’t pay anywhere near the price mentioned here (thanks to Dougie and his special powers). The One Direction band member lookalike at the counter (seriously teenage girls, you should to be hanging out here all the time) explained that the seat came in three different colours – classic white, cherry red or chocolate. The employee at the next counter looked up and said, ‘Ha chocolate! That’s bound to hide your skiddies!’
I simply looked at him and said, ‘What’s a skiddie?’
With that, he went straight back to his keyboard and continued punching in his orders.

Reg said that toilet humour couldn’t get any better than at a plumbing store. Brilliant. I want to go there all the time now, just for shits and giggles. Pun intended.

We went with the classic white seat. There will be no hiding.

The framework for the rear of the house has now gone up. Just in time for the thunderstorm to hit this afternoon.

It’s nice to see how big our secondhand French doors are going to be. We will have sash windows on either side to let in loads of light. I love it. The doors and windows come from the same house as our secondhand kitchen.

This weekend, Reg and I are off on a tap shopping adventure. If you know of any good bathroom shops, we’d love to tap into them. Sorry.

Here’s a little snapshot of the house before the thunder clapped.

With love,

Chris Beard and the boys with beam

Chris plumber with his welder thing

The rear starts to appear

Now you can see the size of our Frenchies

Rear frame work

Boys working with beam

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