Lead lights and awesome sights

Week 5 is off to a kick-butt start!
This week is all about framing, which sounds a little boring but I love it as you can start to see how big our living spaces will be.
Welcome Johnny Kettle
We have a new tradie on site – welcome Johnny Kettle – who is a cheeky bugger with scorpion tattoos. I discovered yesterday that Johnny Kettle and chief trouble maker Harry have a Christmas photo taken every year sitting on Santa’s lap at the local Westfield. I was lucky enough to see 2011 and 2012 photographs yesterday and I haven’t been able to wipe the images of men in ‘santa’s little helper’ dresses and fishnets out of my mind. Christmas ham has a whole new meaning.
So this week, it’s Mr Kettle, Todd (who Johnny claims used to be his boyfriend) and Gio. It’s one big love triangle, so it seems. I’m not sure who to believe. There’s certainly a bit of school girl-like giggling going on, so at least there are no hard feelings between the gents.
The boys have reconfigured all the load bearing sticks from inside the roof so the house is now secure and solid as a rock. This means the hearth is about to go (sigh).
We had a ripper surprise today with the windows arriving. This is pretty freaking special.
The windows have been sourced from the same site that we bought the kitchen and French doors. We are um-ing and arrgh-ing about having two lead light windows on the same wall. If it’s too much, we can replace the rose lead light with plain glass. 
Gio and Todd with our new lead light
Sash window 1
Sash window 2
Now that we have a bit of space out the back, we have started eating tea in our new ‘lounge room’. Beats eating out the front next to the portables and waving to the neighbours.
We have the electrician coming this week and I think Chris Plumber is back next week, therefore we are now in the bathroom-decision-making phase…. which means TERRARIUM placement. We are going to have special little alcoves cut out and I thought to add to the mix we would add an alcove in the shower/bath for shampoos and stuff.
It’s all very exciting. Stay tuned.
With love,
Reg and Cheef testing out the new window

Um. Don’t look at this Dougie

Cheef won’t leave the new lounge room

Cheef in his new ‘spot’

Waddling through the new space.

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