School for babies

Two things:
1. Why don’t they put a DVD of childbirth education classes in with a packet of condoms, then you are fully prepared for what is to come?
2. How rad is our feature tile?

Best feature tile for the bathroom

After sitting through a very informative childbirth education class on Monday, Reg and I both know what my insides look like through visual interpretation methods which included a crocheted uterus, felted wool placenta and finger knitted umbilical cord. It all totally makes sense now. We are having a baby and I will be giving birth to wool.

Our feature tile for the bathroom arrived today. This vintage tile circa late 1960s was sitting in a little box on our bed when I got home from work today. Gotta love coming home to a parcel. Thanks tradies for signing off my parcel – it would have taken me ages to go and get it myself. x

The tile will go in a cutout shelf (or cove as Reg calls it) in the shower where our shampoos and stuff will be kept out of view. It will be a little extra treat for bathtime.

Speaking of bathtime, yellowbeard has started to appear in our bathroom to support the flooring AND the terrarium cutout is now visible. See it? See it? It’s going to be the best!

See the hole for the terrarium?

View of bathroom from bath

Todd, Reg and I had a serious terrarium talk on Monday and we all decided it would be best to keep the terrarium high so it doesn’t get soaked by the shower, but low enough so you can view it from the door. Terrarium and tile – a perfect match.

Reggie picked up our taps on Monday and they are so beautifully packaged. The little spout things even come in special white fabric bags. Amazing. We picked up these beauties from Masters and we were super lucky as apparently the line is now discontinued.

After much spout/tap/handle discussion we are going with a thing called a ‘mixer’ in the laundry. It’s a little too modern for me and doesn’t match the rest of our nobby taps, however if I plan on doing a bit of Napisan-ing in the future, then the mixer is apparently ‘the bomb’. Plus, if we bathe Cobb in the laundry tub, the baby shouldn’t hit its head on the spout.

You can now start to see the size of our windows. I’m pretty excited to get the windows and doors in, but I don’t know if I can ask Todd again… I don’t want to be the nagging client, as I’m already the foul-mouthed, heavy sleeping, Cheezel-eating client. Perhaps I will leave a casual little note in cut out magazine lettering that says something like this:

Dear Todd,
You are better than Keith from The Block. Like, heaps better and don’t you let anyone tell you otherwise.
Here is some cut up watermelon with little smiley faces as I know you would never eat a Neenish tart.
When are the windows and doors being put in?
Thanks again for arranging our port-a-loo to be emptied. I don’t know how it filled up so quickly?
From Reg (this way, he won’t think it’s from me).

So fingers crossed that following this note, Todd puts the doors and windows in without telling me and I come home and squeal with surprise-birthday-party delight. Maybe on Monday.

Todd and I had a lengthy chat yesterday – approx 15-18 words – about the pressed metal ceilings. As we wish to retain as much of the pressed metal as possible, we are turning a portion of the ceiling into a feature rectangle panel thing (I’m sure Angus the architect has a better word for this). The panel will be surrounded by plaster and will sit out from the bathroom wall centred over the stove and the island bench. It’s going to look rad.

Pressed metal which will be turned into a rectangle panel thing in kitchen
Pressed metal ceiling outside laundry entrance

We will also have a similar pressed metal panel on the ceiling outside of the laundry/bathroom which will also look excellent.¬†Angus is now boss while Dougie is on holidays, so I’m sure he will pop around soon to suss out the ceiling (and home brew) situation soon.

For the rest of this week, there is a split system air con/heating device being put in, the remainder of the yellowbeard for under the floors will go down, I think some more framing is to be done and if I’m good, potentially a roof with a drainpipe?

I told the boys about the childbirth education classes so they were aware of when to take me to hospital in case I go into labour early. Problem was, I told them in great detail about all the different stages of labour and what actually happens all while they were eating their packed esky lunches.

I’ve never seen blokes work so fast and say so little in one afternoon. All of a sudden they seemed so keen to get this job done as quickly as possible. It probably didn’t help that I used one of their extension cords to help explain what happens to the umbilical cord.

We have our hospital tour on Monday followed by more informative childbirth education like did you know forceps are still being used? I thought these were phased out along with opium use in the 1800s?

Cross your fingers and toes for doors and windows and please let me know if you have any leads as to where I can purchase a cow hide rug in Melbourne.

With love,

P.s. PALS – come to Yarraville Festival this Saturday. It will be a feast for the eyes and the belly with markets, food stalls, live music and attractive people. Check out the Garage Sales and Markets page for more info.

View of back of house- framing is almost complete

Gio must have been super naughty today – 17 warnings!!!

You can see here the shape of our little leadlight window in the kitchen

The sliding door between laundry and bathroom that Gio whipped up

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