Fishy feasts, flooring and freakin’ hot weather

Our roof is going up tomorrow. ROOF!
The majority of our pad has an original tile roof, but the new addition at the back will have a hot new tin roof minus the cat.
This is huge for me. As a fan of Lego construction and serious dollhouse set up, I understand that it’s super important to get the structure right and then BAM! you can start to make things pretty within.
The yellowbeard flooring stuff was completed last week on ‘Fish and Chip Friday’ and is now ready for a bit of insulation and floorboards and the framework is almost complete ready for weatherboards. Once the roof and walls are up, that means plaster! Ripper.
Our bath and water pipes are also in place. The bath has been a real tease – I can’t use it, but the more pregnant I am, the more I want to fill it up and just sit in it. This would probably be really awkward for the tradies working around me, so I’m just going to have to wait a few more weeks.
The boys worked out a sweet pattern with our subway tiles to fit in our 1960s feature tile. It took a bit to get it right and a few pencil drawings, but we have a plan and a little alcove under our shower head has been built.

Johnny Kettle and Todd and the serious feature tile discussion
I did a little bit of research on my terrarium on the weekend and I met a lovely lady called Natalie from Greenscape who makes bespoke terrariums in her spare time. I found her at the Yarraville Festival (which was awesome) and her display was incredible. We discussed featuring a number of terrariums throughout our bathroom in Fowlers preserving jars. 
Fowler terrarium

The Greenscape terrarium range
We have stacks of these thick glass jars complete with lids thanks to last year’s Chiltern Garage Sale. As much as I used to love mum’s Pickled People hiding away in the pantry, I think this is the best way to recycle a jar.
Pickled People

As I love a bit of indoor plantage, I’ve started looking into plant hanging options for the kitchen. Macrame is top of mind, however at the Festival on the weekend I found these amazing plant hangers made out of tiny shells. Reg almost vomited when I showed the hanger to him (a similar vomit to when I asked if we could get one of those Dolly Varden dolls for our bathroom to hide the toilet rolls). How about once the shell hanger has a plant in it, I will take a pic and get your vote.

We had our first feast in our soon-to-be dining space this eve. It consisted of marinated chilli snapper and broccoli served on one plate with two forks to avoid dishes. The citronella candles and the sound of Cheef snapping at mozzies provided the serenity. After such a long week of hot weather, cankles, swollen fingers and cold showers, this was seriously the best date ever. Even if we didn’t leave our house. Reg completed it with a non-alcholic beer for me. Best. Ever.

Fishy feast with minimal dishes

Romance at its best – framework, nails and all

We were really pissed off when we watched The Block last week. One of the couples turned an antique table into a mirror and then placed dominoes tackily onto it. I’m not saying that we are any better than the contestants on The Block or that we would even want to go on that show, however, as Todd is my witness, Reg and I discussed several weeks ago placing a fireplace insert in Cobb’s room that would include dominoes in a snake-like pattern. I’m just saying, if you ever come to our house and say ‘Wow, did you get that idea from The Block’ you will not get a Neenish tart ever and you will be on the same list as Brendan Fraser and Sandra Bullock. You do not want to be on that list.
Tomorrow night Reg and I are having a tour of the hospital. I’m going to bring snacks, last week’s childbirth education class lasted 3 hours and I almost ate my face by the end I was that hungry. Let’s hope it’s a little shorter this time and they incorporate more craft. Fingers crossed for a knitted boob or some kind of pipe cleaner or dried macaroni activity to help understand the female anatomy.
I’ll be posting some pics up of the roof and walls later this week. I gamely asked Todd if he had seen ‘Reggie’s’ letter regarding the doors and windows and he said that these wouldn’t happen on Monday. Maybe on Thursday. Todd’s being a bit cagey about this one. I’ll try and squeeze it out of Johnny Kettle or Gio.
Here’s to an exciting week ahead. 9 weeks til Cobb arrives, perhaps 7 til renos are done? 
With love,

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