Kettle disaster and the master of plaster

It’s Tuesday and it’s already been a big week.

The roof is up, three windows are in and then I got smacked with the news that Senor Johnny Kettle will be moving onto a new job site next week.

Windows are in position!

Upon hearing this news, Reg and I cried ourselves to sleep while we reminisced about the good times we have had over the past few weeks: the epic stories of fights, the black ute, Dolly Parton Day, Fish and Chip Friday, the special Malteser chocolate rabbit that was left on the bench for me with a bite taken out, the extra large esky, ham and pickles on white bread, the outrageous flirting between him and Todd, the high pitched squeal when he saw Cheef, oh and how can we forget those confusing drawings of Puffa Dick and Hammer Dick?

Waiting for Kettle’s arrival

We have no idea how we are going to break the news to Cheef. It’s going to be a tough day for the little tike who sits and waits for Kettle at the gate every morning for his arrival.

As if to cheer me up a hairy face appeared in the window this morning with a ‘G’day, youse gotta microwave here?’ If this wasn’t a building site, that moment would have been incredibly creepy.

Welcome to the master of plaster, Teia (I bet I spelt that wrong). Another Kiwi. Teia is about to become a dad for the first time – in two weeks in fact – and he’s pretty pumped. I hope he gets the ‘baby call’ when he is working on our site so I can see the man in action, ready to rush off to the hospital.

Teia is putting up our plaster next week. RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPA. After a lengthy discussion with the big guns – Angus, Todd and Dougie, it looks like we are doing some pretty creative plastering in order to make our pressed metal stand out like super looking feature panels. We are, ready for it…. going WITHOUT cornices. Teia is going to do a straight edge corner and it’s going to look awesome. Good onya boys for coming up with that one.

Pressed metal panel in bathroom

Pressed metal panel in front of laundry

On another note, our doors arrived TODAY. As mentioned in previous posts, these French doors were purchased from another site around the corner from us along with our sash windows, the leadlight and our kitchen. They will be put into position tomorrow and when Reg and I get some time, these babies will be painted.

Here comes the doors
Todd and Gio unleashing the Frenchies

Todd and Gio bringing the babies in

Todd and Gio pose with the door frame.
Weatherboards will be going up this week which means painting. I can cook a great snag and toss a mean salad if anyone wants to come and hang out with a paintbrush in hand…

I need some help from readers – please email me if you feel too shy to comment. We’re trying to work out what to do with our cabinetry in the bathroom and laundry. We have floor tiles the colour of cement and wall tiles that are white, plus the terrarium. We want to incorporate some kind of natural timber into the mix but budgets are minimum and we’re not too keen on the old laminate. Dougie has a guy who will build the cabinets for us, however we want to add a special touch to the doors.

The tops will be polished concrete. For the vanity unit, I was thinking about trying to find a nice sized vintage cupboard that we could whack the sink on top of. Any other ideas friends?

These are our floorboards to get you inspired

I am also looking for a massive pendant for the bathroom. I found a super cool one, but it is made in Sydney and I would prefer to find one that has been made locally. Does anyone know a place that makes ripper handmade shades out of vintage fabric? Shoot the details through. I’m looking for something like this.

It’s still a little tricky living out of two rooms, a hallway kitchen, bedroom windows that open onto the portaloo (that was hell during the heat of the last fortnight) and with a dog that keeps trying to escape. So far, there have been four unsuccessful attempts of running away to the neighbours house. According to Cheef he isn’t running away, he is just ‘checking’ on the neighbours chickens. Never trust a Jack Russell.

Cheef – pre planned escape #4
Squishy living space which will be Cobb’s room
Bathroom slash kitchen area in the front yard.

Once I go on mat leave, I’ll be looking after a buddy’s house around the corner to keep me sane and air-conditioned. The tradies probably want a bit of a break from me too. This means no more Neenish tarts during the day (not that Todd would ever eat one).

Oooooooooooo….. it’s all so exciting. Parents are coming down this weekend from the country to check it out, hopefully they are distracted by the amazing hard work and don’t notice that I’m knocked up. Still not sure when to tell them about this, perhaps at our baby shower? 😉

With love,

Found objects – how cool is the tin pineapple salt shaker!

Todd with one of our French doors

She’s beautiful
Farewell Johnny Kettle.

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