Getting plastered with tradies

Wahoo, the plaster will go up tomorrow! This means our walls are nearly complete.

Gio and Todd have commenced putting up the weatherboards – just in time before the storm hit us last night – and today the boys ripped up our hallway floor. We can officially walk from the front to the back of our house without balancing on beams, holding onto joists, standing on a nail, getting a splinter, tripping over some edge of something etc. However, I’m still not allowed to do this without wearing shoes… boring.

Also official is the fact that I’m on maternity leave. Nice and early. Day two of mat leave is down and I think the boys want to kill me. I was kind of stuck in our living space today for almost three hours watching Revenge season 1 and I didn’t feel guilty because it was raining. The boys probably want their space back and their radio volume levels.

Following our final Childbirth Education Class last night which focused on breastfeeding using a knitted tit, I think Reg also needs a little bit of breathing space. Anyone have a holiday house by the beach that they want to lend?

Knitted tits

So tomorrow I am going for a little shop to give the boys some much needed space away from the pregnant lady who keeps walking through the building space without shoes, while wanting to discuss the best Clint Eastwood western. Let the boys do their job, Al.

Reg and I purchased a sweet 1960s teak sideboard today from ebay store Mondo-Deluxe in Seaford which we will convert into a vanity.  A few blog posts back I mentioned that I wanted to incorporate some timber into the bathroom to break up the polished concrete and white tiles, and this is our answer (minus the atomic accessories).

I’m off to purchase the tiles tomorrow that we chose from Genesis Tiles on Dynon Road. I’m pretty excited to see that shop dog again.

As our budget is looking pretty tight (again) we are now looking at attaching metal school lockers to the wall in the laundry for above bench cupboards. This will save us $$$ on cabinetry and we are hoping they will look pretty cool. They seem to be a good size for linen and maybe with a little spray paint (perhaps high gloss white) they will stand out in an otherwise dull space. Our neighbour Jim potentially has a couple of lockers that he wants to get rid of at the school he works at, so watch this space.

Dougie came over for a little visit today and gave the thumbs up for both the vanity and the lockers, so I feel confident they won’t look crap.

I’m pretty excited to see the plaster go up around the awesome pressed metal panels, which are quickly becoming my fave thing in the house. I’ll post some pics later this week.

In the meantime, here are some night-time-with-flash shots of the house pre-plaster. Sorry, it’s been a bit hectic – I just can’t remember what I’ve been doing.

The rear of the house with our frenchies

The pressed metal panel above the kitchen

Yellow tongue in the hall reading for the new floorboards

Crammed bathroom while plaster goes up

The ceiling space pre-plaster

Our new window which sits above our wall mounted TV

Before I say goodnight, there was quite some discussion in the childbirth class about a hospital bag. Can anyone provide me with info as to what goes into this – I just googled and it was terrifying. I was thinking a pink ribbon for my hair, a full length nylon nightie with a baby doll cut, a brunch coat, a crocheted bed jacket, lip gloss, rouge and a classic Mills and Boon novelette. Can someone slap me and hit me with some reality (without using the words maxi pad).

With love,

4 thoughts on “Getting plastered with tradies

  1. Wifey's family has a holiday house spitting distance from a beach. Reg would need a return ticket on the Spirit of Tasmania and a hire car though…


  2. Oh I missed Aqua last night due to being stuck in disastrous traffic. Please update me on all things hospital bag – especially any crocheted necessities – on Monday night!


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