Locked up and loaded – I put on my work boots

Yahoo – we have walls and aren’t they a pretty sight making our pad nice and cosy. All I want to do now is slip on a Jim Croce record and settle in for a cup of Earl Grey.

RIP Mister Croce

Our plasterers, Teia and Des, whipped up the plaster sheets in what seemed like record time (these guys are wizards) following a mighty smoko (again, I do believe we have the healthiest tradies ever on our site). Cheef Dog seems to have picked up this awful habit of scabbing – I’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with Gio and Kettle feeding him ham and pickle sandwiches, pastas or chicken dishes, would it now?

Des (L) and Teia (R) assess the wall situation post smoko

Masters of Plasters

We welcomed a new tradie on the site this week – Dante, who came in to supervise the boys aka Keith from The Block-style for the day. Apparently he gave the thumbs up to the work done thus far and Cheef’s array of snacks before he went home to Gio’s house.

Dante – site foreman for the day

So I’m totally ‘on the tools’ tomorrow. I have been given the job of punching in nails and filling the holes with filler stuff. I’m really excited and I’m hoping I get to wear a tool belt. On the weekend, Reg and I are going to get cracking on painting our weatherboards – again, don’t they look awesome.

We think we have chosen the timber for our island bench top – it’s a nice earthy recycled jarrah from Urban Salvage. I can totally see myself enjoying a glass of red while hanging out ‘on the island’ post baby, because isn’t this what first time mums do with all this time on their hands?

Jarrah from Urban Salvage

I just asked Reg if he reckons the boys will give me a tool belt to wear tomorrow and his response was (in an extraordinarily shy way), “I don’t think theirs will fit you honey, I’m really sorry. Maybe ask the boys tomorrow if they can source one for you.” Fair point. However, I am sure I have seen some pretty pregnant-like tradies wearing those overalls that have press studs up the front that are struggling at the seams. So surely, they make a tool belt in XL? Pics to come if they do.

In the meantime, here are some pics of our beautiful walls to date. Yay, we almost have a house!

Des ready to plaster the bathroom

Laundry pre plaster

Tiea in action

Side of house – thank Christ we are renovating in Summer

Our new lounge window and beaut weatherboards

Back of house with our rad sash windows and Frenchies

We ran out of money and couldn’t afford one of the weatherboards

Eaves ready for a lick of paint

I’ll be nail punching these babies tomorrow

Far out, I love these doors

Kitchen wall plastered

Boys plastering the bathroom

Plastered wall

Packed up for the day (notice the swept floors – amazing)

Practising in my work boots

Cheef aka Scabsy-wan-kenobi waiting for smoko. 

With love,

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