A stable floor for pregnant peanuts and big bubbas

Far out, things happen pretty quickly around here. Perhaps it’s this pregnant haze that seems to consume most of my day that makes me forget about what’s going on around me. I mean, just yesterday I spent 45 minutes in the local IGA. I was there to pick up some grub for tea, but I walked out after all that time with just a packet of unsalted peanuts and ate them on the way home. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised I didn’t have anything for dinner. Vague is but a mere statement.
Gio ready for the floorboards
On Wednesday Reg and I eagerly waited out the front of our house for the arrival of our floorboards. We even waved to the delivery driver as he reversed into our cul de sac. 

Easy does it.

Ali to Todd – “They’re the wrong ones.” Bad joke.

Reg carrying the boards through the house.
Floorboard number one went down yesterday and was left overnight to dry and set in place. This little floorboard serves as a ruler for the rest of the boards. God I love Todd’s methodical way of working. It pays to have a precise tradie on site. I would have thrown the boards down in one hit then cracked the shits halfway once I realised 100 year old houses are never going to be straight.
The first floorboard. Isn’t she beautiful!
Floorboard #2

Shooting the boards in place with the special gun that I’m not allowed to touch.

The salamis that are used to stick the boards in place

While our little solo floorboard went down, Reg and I went out for brunch to one of our fave westie haunts, Duchess of Spotswood, to celebrate Reggie’s 33rd birthday. When we came home, Des had finished up most of the plaster so it was super special to see our pretty house start to take shape.
Plastered. See the little alcove for our leadlight #2
We picked up our leadlight window (remember my garage sale find from Maldon) from Arcadia Leadlight in Seddon yesterday. I could hang out in this studio for ages. It’s like a conservation lab filled with coloured glass treats. These guys are super busy which makes me happy that such an old school trade is still thriving. I took some pics of other glass windows that they had in store. How amazing are those doors (currently asking $1800 and totally worth it if you have the space).
Arcadia studio

Pretty windows – ours is the little one in front of the bird

Wish we had this one in our house

Hottest doors known to man

Carrie from Arcadia
Carrie at Arcadia shot through a pic of windows that are from a similar period to ours (recognise the Nicholas Building – heart). It was great to hear that our leadlight is in fact a copperlight window mainly used in shop fronts. Ours is from the Art Deco period somewhere around 1918-1922. 
The copperlights in the Nicholas Building ceiling/

It’s been really, REALLY hot in Melbourne and I’m starting to struggle big time. I have developed a pretty awesome waddle, however it does draw attention making me want to thump anyone that says: “Wow, it’s gonna be a big one!” “Not long to go now.” “Whoa, any day now lady.” “You look ready to pop, miss.” I want a t-shirt that says I HAVE SIX WEEKS TO GO, PLEASE DON’T COMMENT ON MY SIZE.
After a trip to the doc today, I discovered I’ve whacked on 12kg. No wonder I feel like a whale every time I need to roll over in bed/get up off the couch/do a somersault. Towels don’t fit around me and to make it worse, when I got out of the portashower yesterday wrapped in my chenille robe, my robe cord got caught in the door revealing to our blessed neighbours what a naked, pregnant, hobbit footed, squealing jugzilla looks like. Shameful.
Over the long weekend, Dougie is waterproofing out bathroom ready for the tiler. The boys will be back on floorboard duty on Tuesday and I’m looking forward to hearing Todd’s stories of Golden Plains. He had a ripe GP playlist set for the day which I’m sorry I missed. Instead I went to my friends apartment and lay on a wet towel while crying during a Frankie Avalon film. It was amazing.
Just want to say a huge thanks to all those kind chicks that emailed me with details on hospital bag goodies. My pal Tina and I hot-footed it around Highpoint on Wednesday, purchasing stuff I never even knew existed. When I was leaving for my shopping trip I said to the boys that I would be out for the day getting some retail therapy. Todd said “Awesome – what are you going to get?” 
I couldn’t help myself and responded with “Maternity pads.”
The poor dude, I’ve never seen anyone sink so far into their neck in my life, like a turtle. I’m such a mean, mean woman. Sorry Todd.
Happy long weekend to all. Get set for another big week ahead. 6 weeks until the baby comes. xx until the renos are complete?
With love,

P.s. Hi Dougie, for my birthday on March 19 I would like an inside toilet.

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