MASSIVE DAY – a kitchen for our little house

What an excellent day. A really excellent day.

Last night we came home to find our beautiful floorboards had been layed. Don’t they look amazing and they’re solid as a rock! I can’t believe these babies were put in over three days, I thought it would take at least a week or more.


Beautiful floors

Cheef ready for kitchen arrival and keeping an eye on the local cat

On a more exciting note, our beaut secondhand kitchen arrived this morning. Cheef and I greeted the boys at the gate and watched the action unfold while enjoying our toast and cuppa.

This is the first of many ‘kitchen loads’ to arrive

Space is getting super tight

Todd with piece one of the Lego kit
Kitchen cupboards

It’s action station now as Todd puts the kitchen pieces together and Gio and Dougie (yep, Dougie-baby is on the tools today) tile our bathroom.

Tiling begins!

Our newest father Teia is back in today after what is probably the greatest week in his life. Congrats Teia and partner Michelle on the birth of their little lady! How exciting. Teia is sanding our walls which means Reggie can start painting as of this eve.

Jack sanding away

We have chosen Handmade Linen Quarter (Dulux) as our wall colour, the staple Antique White USA (Dulux) in a high gloss for our skirts and archs and the same but in a matte for the ceiling. We like the Handmade Linen as it has a slight touch of olive green in it and it will look mighty fine with our indoor plantage.

In the next week or so we will get started on our concrete benchtop for the kitchen. We are going with a nice shade of grey called Blue Gum from Concrete Colour Systems. As we are making the bench ourselves with help from Dougie it is costing us less than $500. We just need to make all the concrete mixture in one hit so the colour is consistent. I’m guessing it will be like making a cake, so Reggie should be a pro at this.

Our floor sander / polisher dude has been booked for the week leading into Easter which means we are on the home stretch. There is still quite a bit to do, but we will just prioritise as we go and do what we can. I might be the size of a walrus and as fast as a turtle, but I can make a mean egg and bacon roll.

Reg and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week – almost in silence (I don’t do silence) – as Reg had a wisdom tooth outbreak. Poor little man. Timing couldn’t be worse with Food & Wine Festie in full swing, renovation station going nuts and a sooky knocked up wife.

This is us, 2 years ago at our little wedding.

To mark the occasion we are heading to the G-town this Saturday night to check out long time fave Neil Young and Crazy Horse. I’m pumped. Reg just needs to smash some kind of painkiller and I’m sure he will be pumped too.


If we can survive renovating while pregnant on a teeny budget then I’m sure we can survive another two years!

Would love some help from our pals – Once our renos are at a relaxed stage I’d like to kick into pre-mum mode. It’s been ages since I have had a good DVD session and I’m looking to you for themes / film titles. The themes / cinematic subjects I have in mind are:
– Goldie Hawn
– Soundtrack Standouts (aka Alice’s Restaurant, The Graduate etc)
– Royal Families
– Favourite Films from our childhood
– 1960s espionage (to complement a Bond marathon)
– Best Westerns

I love you Goldie, you crazy doll face!

In the next few days I’ll whack up some pics of the new kitchen set up. It’s totally gonna be pee-in-pants material. Stay tuned.

With love,

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