Super quick deliveries

Well hello. It’s been ages – almost a month – and boy has a lot happened!

Firstly, I need to explain why I have been so absent… we kinda had a baby. Nice and early. And he’s perfect.

Alfred Lex Webb or Alfie was born on 2nd April. Before we went to bed on April Fools Day, I mentioned to Reg that I thought I had wet my pants a bit during the afternoon while painting skirting boards. We had a little laugh about the joys of pregnancy, then it happened again. So at 11.30pm we drove to the hospital to check out what was going on assuming we would be heading home half an hour later. Instead we were told that my waters had been leaking and we were going to be having our baby that night. I was induced around 3am and at 6am they said I was in labour. At 6.49am Alfie arrived in a hurry – we didn’t have time for drugs (thank you hypnobirthing). I got to deliver our little dude and Reg cut the cord, then Alfie and I went and had a sleep feeling a bit proud of ourselves.

As we hadn’t packed anything for hospital (Alfie had to wear a girly nightie as his first outfit), Reg ducked off home to grab some stuff. While he was gone, we woke up and discovered that Alfie’s blood sugars were super low and he was rushed off to the special care unit. I was devastated and followed the midwife there. On the way to the unit I haemorrhaged (in front of about 20 visitors – they had to change the carpets) and had to be rushed into my own special care. Poor Reg having to come back with his bag of maternity pads and onesies to find us separated and on IV drips.

So Alfie and I had to stay in hospital for five nights until we were all good and well to go home. It was all very full on and like nothing I have ever experienced, but we are awesome now and to be honest, I think Dougie was happy for a little bit of extra time to make his own super quick delivery. I have to admit, Dougie was the fifth person we called (we actually called him from the birthing suite) to let him know that we had had a baby. Mainly it was to ask him to let the dog out, but also to see if there was any possibility we could get the inside toilet and shower working as soon as possible. Dougie asked if we could name our child after him…

While Alfie and I were in hospital, Dougie and his boys (Todd was overseas and Gio on another job) absolutely smashed the last bits of our renovation. In my last post we were about to move into my friend’s pad for a week while our floors were being polished. We were still using an outside dunny, a portashower, a camping stove and the hallway for a pantry / kitchen.

Here’s some pics of pre-Alfie house:

Hallway – with makeshift kitchen removed

Dining area

Kitchen minus bench tops, paint and accessories including sink

Makeshift lounge area

Reg would come into the hospital everyday with little pics of the reno progress. The photos were amazing but nothing in comparison to what we came home to just over a week ago.

When we walked in the front door, the dado boards had been put up (still to be painted). The kitchen had been finished, concrete tops sealed and our timber island bench looking irresistable. The floors looked magical and the tiling works completing the picture.

Todd had put together a little panel out of some of the left over pressed metal on the outside of the island bench. This will be painted the same colour green as our front door in due time.

Speaking of painting, there is still a bit of this still to be done, especially in the bathroom. But time has stopped for us right now as we enjoy the world’s tiniest man and understand the amount of washing to be done. Once we shake ourselves of the surprise of our own super quick (and early) delivery, there will certainly be more updates as we paint, decorate and create our little palace.

So tomorrow, before The Bold and the Beautiful, I will post some pics of the House of Webb as it is today. I thought I would save this for readers as a Friday treat to help pass away the afternoon at work.

Massive thanks to seriously the greatest, most efficient and respectful tradies who I will totally be friending on Facebook. Dougie’s DM team have been magnificent the whole way through (especially dealing with the me during the majority of my pregnancy) but seeing the work they did in the last week really knocked our socks off. Hats off to these gents, they deserve more than a slab!

Please note that now I’m a mum, I will not become a mummy blogger, but a really rad blogger who hopes to continue finding awesome second hand treats for our little House of Webb.

With love,
Ali and my three boys Reggie, Alfie and Cheef Webb



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