We watch a house become a home

I totally missed The Bold and the Beautiful on Friday due to the ‘poonami’ (thanks Tina for this phrase – it totally sums up what happened) event of 2013, so I missed my opportunity to upload some pics. Just for you, here they are as promised:

The kitchen

Our beaut kitchen. How awesome is it! As you can see in the pic above, we still have a little bit of work to do in the kitchen including painting some of the cupboard panels and window architraves. We are so happy with the concrete bench tops and timber island. Seriously not bad for a second hand kitchen!


We are loving the 1960s timber sideboard we purchased for our bathroom vanity. There is still a bucket load of work to do (including painting the whole room) and we are still yet to select our towel rails, toilet roll holder etc. Any suggestions for where we can purchase these?

Lights above the island bench

We purchased these light shades from a bric-a-brac store in Woodend for next to nothing. They are from an old school classroom. We think they look pretty sweet with the houndstooth wiring that we purchased from a supplier in Geelong (see People we really like page). Amazingly the shades match the train station light almost perfectly.

Another pic of our kitchen

Island bench and dining

We are stoked with the island bench which was made using recycled Sydney Blue Gum and messmate timber from Urban Salvage in Spotswood. The bench cost us about $300 in materials and has come up a treat. It’s great to see that visitors to our house gather at this spot straight away. It’s become the social heart. In the background you can see the fabulous table that Reg made out of recycled messmate and chairs that we picked up from Renovators Goldmine in Trentham. The bar in the corner is a 1940s gentlemen’s wardrobe that we found in the Mill Market in Geelong.


Kitchen and dining


Creative tradie Todd was able to reuse some of our left over pressed tin ceiling. As you can see he has incorporated a panel into our island bench. This will be painted green – the same as our front door – in the coming weeks. The rangehood that you can see in the background is currently covered in protective plastic while we finish painting, this is stainless steel same as our fridge. A dishwasher will be placed in the spot where our ugly bin currently sits.


We had a little bit of budget left over so we decided to add dado boards in the hallway while the floors were being done. Dougie sourced a good price for us using pine boards. These will be painted the same as our architraves (Antique White USA) in the coming weeks / months…. ah painting.

Hallway with pressed tin and dado boards

Loving this train station light

We purchased our sweet oven in the Boxing Day sales through Appliances Online. It’s amazing, it bakes and creates and I’m so glad to not have to cook on a camping stove ever again.

Kitchen detail

The second hand cupboards have come up a treat. We still need to paint the end panels (thanks mum for putting on the base coat). Our subway tiles are looking fab too.

Kitchen cupboards

Heart these concrete tops

Laundry sink and concrete top with my new best friend, Napisan.



Hot concrete tops and quinces

We have decided to upgrade our lounge to a three seater – anyone want to purchase a 1960s lounge suite?

Concrete tops

Thanks to all those creative knitters and crocheters who have made fabulous winter woolies for Alfie.

From here, we are slowly finishing our painting. I am looking at curtains for the back doors / windows. Has anyone had a good experience with a custom curtain maker in Melbourne? I was thinking about making my own, however the idea of someone doing this for me at the moment is so appealing. Our neighbours gave us two bench stools that were used in the old Yarraville Post Office. I will be reupholstering these in the coming weeks with vintage fabric (still to be sourced). These will sit at our island bench.

Half of our stuff is still in storage and we are going through it box by box. Now that we have a permanent space set up, our items will be sorted into three piles: keep, ebay or op shop. If you are looking for vintage treasures, check out our ebay page where we are adding stuff weekly.

Reg has started thinking about the backyard and front vegie patch so there will be updates on this later this week.

Fun times ahead at the little House of Webb.

With love,

3 thoughts on “We watch a house become a home

  1. Looks awesome Ali…. Well done, takes a lot to do it at any time but pregnant…. My goodness, I don't think I would have managed!!!! 🙂


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