She put the lime in the coconut

Oh, hi. How are you? Sorry, we were laying low for a while. We survived three months. We are officially parents.

My husband is a chef. This has its positives and negatives:

Meals are always awesome when he cooks.
Market shopping is so much easier.
Our food is always excellent quality.
People come around all the time to eat (and drink).
We have excellent knives.
We have top quality kitchen tools.
We have a gazillion cookbooks.
Chefs are used to kitchenhands and manual dishwashers.
Chefs usually work during meal times which means they are at home at odd hours.
When I first met Reg, people thought that I lied about having a boyfriend because they didn’t meet him for months due to his weird restaurant hours.
When it is my turn to cook, I always ask “can you show me how to…” and he ends up taking over and finishing the meal (this worked for years, now Reg has worked this out).
You feel like a dick when you ask what ‘tbs’ means.
Putting the lime in the coconut
Baby Alfie has just hit the three month mark and it feels like I have taken a massive breath of fresh air, resurfaced and suddenly I’ve woken up and realised that I hate daytime TV. So, what does a new mum do during the day, without spending too much coin, and that involves her bub? Well this week, I’ve decided to teach myself how to cook. Properly. As in, not pulling out the 101 Things To Do With Mince cookbook (although that might make an appearance soon), but starting a meal from scratch that the whole family (except Alfie who is still on the boob) can eat.
Reg has the day off today, so I thought I would start with afternoon tea. Check out the Lime and Coconut Cake I whipped up using limes from our tree.
Our lovely lime tree
Whilst Reg worked hard at sanding our recycled sliding door for the bathroom, I worked out our meals for the week. I feel so freaking organised it’s not funny. I have no idea what each day will bring with baby Alfie, the best I can do is know what to bring out of the freezer the night before.
Our old door becomes a sliding door
Here’s my menu for the week. It’s super basic, but so are my cooking skills. And I’m talking as basic as not knowing the difference between baking powder and bicarb. Yes there is a difference, I’m still to work out what it is. Check out the Tonight’s Tea tab for the results!
In the meantime, here’s a quick update of our renos – which are finished, but there is always something to do!
Bathroom – painted, towel hooks are up, vintage shade is up, mirror is up, 1960s sideboard vanity is in. We love it. Terrarium to come.

Here are a few other pics of our pad since we last hung out.
Our beaut coppper light window in the kitchen

Amazing pressed tin panel.

An old stool I reupholstered with map fabric

Rad stools I picked up from RetroJan

New artwork courtesy of pal Ben Pell
You can view other works by Ben Pell here.
Keep it real.
With love,

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