An overalled thief in the night

I’m a thief.

I have started cruising the streets of Yarraville with the pram and my boys with a pair of scissors. No sidewalk succulent is safe from my snippity-snips. I figure that now that I dress like Bonita from Playschool I look less intrusive and more inquisitive, so I feel I can get away with this…


The boys and I have been playing in the garden. The weather has been so spectacular, that it’s hard to resist getting outdoors and planting some treats.

Our front garden gets a bucketload of sun during Winter, whilst the backyard remains pretty chilly during this time. Therefore, looking out our French doors into the yard can be a bit depressing at the moment as there isn’t much sun (except on the strategically placed clothesline).

Cheef in the front garden

To fix this problem, I painted our outdoor setting while Reg was at the market with Alfie. It’s a small thing, but doesn’t it brighten up the yard? We have a stack of left over floorboards that Reg is looking at making a feature wall with which should be awesome. The window that you can see in the background is going to be transformed into a linen cupboard to go above our laundry bench.

Reg has planted a couple of Mr Lincoln roses in the front yard and will be putting miniature fruit trees in the coming weeks. It’s amazing how much better life is when you have herbs in pots at your finger tips.

To add some colour to the front, we planted some pansies in a couple of hanging baskets. Pretty pretty.

Believe it or not, I have never planted succulents before. I have a stack of clippings… do I just whack these in pots with straight top soil or do I need something more succulent-y? Recommendations pretty please.

Last night’s tea was a treat. The Mona Castle in Seddon puts on a $13 pot and parma. It’s excellent. However, last night I went with the old school corned beef and mash, just as good. Tonight’s tea – meatballs and cous cous. Balls are already rolled. Recipe will be up later this eve.

With love,

P.s Cameo’s Word Up is seriously THE BEST song to dance to with a baby.

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