Hankering for sausage

I woke up this morning with a hankering for sausage.

My buddy Miss P and I had a plan to take our babes on a pram trek to the amazing (and hidden) Rocco’s in West Footscray. However, a quick look at the weather chart showed that the morning would be a glorious 22 degrees but the afternoon promised a good saturation. So a car trip it was.

Reg and I discovered Rocco’s when we first moved to Yarraville following a heads up from a foodie pal. From the outside, the joint looks just like a regular old school milk bar with the potential for a sensational 1980s-esque lolly counter. However, upon entering you are instantly taken to a sweet-as Italian deli filled with glorious treats all to the familiar sound of the classic milk bar door chimes.

I’m whipping up a couple of pizzas for tea, hence the hankering for a good snag. Rocco’s counter is filled almighty non-vegetarian smoked and cured delights such as a traditional homemade Italian sausage, prosciutto, hanging salamis, cheeses, pickled vegies and so much more. It was a tricky choice.

When I was ordering our goods from Rocco (yes, the man who runs the store owns the store), a man walked in, grabbed a bread roll from a basket and asked for a ‘Rocco Roll’. To my delight, I watched Rocco slice up three varieties of meat from the counter, add some kind of relishy goodness, and then topped the fillings with sliced cheese and pickled vegies. It looked amazing.

Cheese, glorious cheese

When it came to paying for our pizza toppings, Alfie smashed out a couple of smiles from his papoose and Rocco promised a chocolate for ‘Alfredo’ when he grows a little bigger.

I’ll be back for a Rocco Roll, maybe tomorrow if the weather is kind.

Italian goodies

Sweet bikkies and more

Shitload of pasta choices


A fine selection of pasta sauces

The divine Rocco

You can find Rocco’s at 122 Roberts Street, Yarraville (although it’s kinda in that West Footscray pocket).

With love,

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