Miniature worlds lead to an urban CWA

I have to admit, being on maternity leave sometimes feels like every day is a Saturday. I have found that having a kid means that I am more likely to go out and explore my local hood. And it just so happens that today is a Saturday, a rainy one at that, and go out and explore I did!

I have been pretty pumped for the annual Bonsai Festival since I heard about it a couple of weeks ago. Alfie and I got up early knowing that the first 100 visitors to the festival would receive a free maple bonsai (it’s more like a stick, but I’ll give it to Reg to get all creative with).

The Footscray Community Arts Centre where the Bonsai Festival was held was packed. We were treated to a huge range of bonsai’s from the North West Bonsai Group – some of which were for sale but well and truly out of our price range! Reg has been a huge fan of bonsai since we met and has even made his own which include little figurines and bridges that we found on our travels in Japan.

I am super inspired by the bonsai that I saw today, that I’m hoping Reg can teach me the art when the weather clears up.

Rainy weather always makes me wanna get my craft on. When we moved all of our crap into storage before the renos, I donated all my wool to a local stitch ‘n’ bitch group. Today I decided it was time to pick up the needles and hooks once again.

I dread heading to Knifepoint with Alfie. Parking sucks, my pram is a bitch to get in and out of the car in small spaces and last time I fed Alfie in one of the special ‘feeding rooms’ at Highpoint, a couple of male youths did a drug deal on the other side of the curtain. Foul. I’d rather have my boobs out in a cafe.

Therefore, I was excited to visit the recently opened Kooky Kraft Klub (no this is not a cover for the KKK).

I have been past this joint a gazillion times on my dog walks with its window display decorated in crocheted chairs. With Alfie asleep in his papoose, I had a good half hour to explore the store and chat to its fabulous owner Laura.

I’m a pretty shit crocheter. I really like the idea of sitting by a hearth (I like the fact that we have one under our house), with my feet in lambswool slippers, cup of Darjeeling on the go and clacking away at crochet. Unfortunately it is more like kicking the primary coloured plastic toys out the way, sipping a cold tea while smashing as many granny squares together while Alfie sleeps. Bliss.

Kooky Kraft Klub is super sweet filled with local handmade delights such as reversible pinafores for little girls (two wears = sweet), homemade jams, baby shoes, fun looking knitting needles, hand crafts and a fantastic array of wool – both acrylic and wool.

The Klub also hold regular classes and they are looking at holding mums and bubs knitting sessions soon. I reckon my parents group will totally be on board for that one! Check out their FacePage for classes.

Kooky Kraft Klub is on Gamon Street in Seddon just near the amazing Advieh (hot staff who make hot coffees). Bonsai Festival is on at the Footscray Community Arts Centre today and tomorrow and costs $5.

Cheap day out filled with miniature goodness. Now let’s get clacking!

With love,

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