Pants for grots

My son’s a grot. He’s outside all the time, loves to eat with his whole face, sit in puddles and has had a runny nose for about two months. It’s totally cool. I think we all wish we could be grots most days. So this got me thinking; if I was a grot, what would I wear? Stretchy pants, absolutely. Pants I could high kick in, pretend to karate kick-n-sweep, jumping pants, climbing pants, scratch and sniff pants, and pass out in the hallway on my face pants.

So I decided to make some Pants for Grots for Alfie. Here they are. They cost me $4 each to make (thanks to a ripper sale at Spotlight) – the price of a cup of coffee. They took thirty minutes to cut, sew and elasticise and presto, here they are! 
And here’s how I made them:
  • Grab a pair of your grot’s current jeans. 
  • Measure the length and add an inch on the top and on the bottom. 
  • Trace out a big letter ‘U’, like a harem pant. 
  • Sew the sides of the U together, turn over the top of the pants an inch for the elastic, and same for the bottom of each leg. 
  • Measure the elastic around your kid’s waist and ankles.
  • Cut the elastic and weave it with a mega safety pin through each folded cuff.
  • Cut off all the loose threads, turn inside out and WHAM… Pants for Grots.
I’m hoping the elastic waist is going to be ace when it comes to toilet training. However, let’s start with the basics… trying to get my kid to wear pants in the first place!

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