Green and Cheese Pie with extra cheese

How good is cooking with your kid? Alfie loves to move his chair up to the bench and watch everything get chopped, cracked and smashed into a bowl.

On a Sunday, I like to use up all my veg from the week and throw it into a soup. But today the weather was so sparkly we decided to chop up all the remaining greens and make a green and cheese pie. The best.

Being a son-of-a-chef, Alfie loves to hang out at the bench and ‘help’  cook. We ate chopped up apples and pears while we mixed up the pie ingredients.

And best of all, The Kid ate it.

Here are the deets, give it a crack!

By Ali and Alfie Webb

  • Chopped spinach/kale/silverbeet or whatever green leafed veg you have in the fridge (I used this trilogy)
  • A decent sized amount of Parmesan cheese
  • One tub of ricotta
  • Salt and pepper to flavour-flave
  • Puff pastry

We made a selection of triangles, rolls and mini parcels.

Wrap, shape and mould and pop in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

I popped half in the freezer for another day/week. The rest we had for dinner with sides of pickled beetroot, homemade sauce and cut up fruit.

Enjoy this sunny week ahead!

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