I love Thursdays. Heaps. The excitement of Thursdays fills our household every Wednesday night as we talk about all the things that happen on a Thursday:

1. Maureen Day

Maureen our cleaner comes and makes everything manageable. She even lines up Alfie’s shoes and rearranges his toys to make them look like they have been talking to each other during the day.

I’ve never met Maureen, but our little kitchen bench notes featuring smiley faces, kisses and giggly messages filled with apologies, ‘sorry our house represents a banana peel tip’ or ‘excuse the sultana squish, it’s not rat poo’ or ‘sorry our house smells like poo fart today. It was a big morning’.
Her responses always make me smile as I walk into our fresh smelling house: ‘it’s ok about the poo fart, it looks like you have a very busy boy to look after. I took the bike out of the bath’.

We love Maureen.

2. Fruit and Veggie Day

By Wednesday night, we are either so cleaned out in the fridge department that we are eating eggs on toast with beans for tea or we have veggies to ‘use up’. Either way, we have a task at hand because on Thursdays we get a big box of rad in season fruit and veg from Vari’s Organics. It’s so exciting to open the special box left on our doorstep (sometimes we get home in time to catch Vari at our door), we sort through the contents like hungry children and put everything neatly away in the fridge.

Thursday night always means best veggies for tea.

We love Vari.

3.Thursday Friday

Thursday is my Friday in the office. It’s my day to get all my things done for the week. I’m lucky that I love my job, so I smash out some good quality publicity stuff in the office and aim for a 5.30pm departure, planning my three day weekend with my son on the train trip home.

Sometimes I take my shoes off on the train and walk home barefoot.

Sometimes I get to attend a super sweet classical concert for work featuring some of the most incredible music you have ever heard. This sound takes me right through the weekend. NB: I don’t attend concerts barefoot.

I love Thursday.

4. Lunch order day

As Thursday is Friday, quite often I plan for it to be a lunch order day and don’t bring a packed lunch. This is my treat, a little chance to explore some local Southbank cuisine with a colleague. I always buy lollies for the afternoon, because I’m really eight years old. My colleague always buys biscuits – but they have to be on sale. It gives us something to talk about on the walk back to the office. Sometimes I buy Chicken Crimpys to share with work mates if it has been a busy day.

I love lunch orders.

Are you a Thursday person?

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