I love balls

I  really dig a good ball, especially one that’s not only good for you but takes minutes to make.

This LOVELY publication by Lunch Lady arrived in the post a few weeks ago and within days I had read it from cover to cover tucked up in bed, providing me with good foodie dreams.

Firstly, we should support locally produced publications like this so I urge you to head to your local newsagency and spend the dosh for this well earned treat. If your newsagency doesn’t have a copy, chuck a tanty and tell them they HAVE to stock it, otherwise head to Lunch Lady online and pop one in your cart.

Secondly, I suck with having all the relevant ingredients in my cupboard when I feel the inspiration the cook. So I made a slight change to one of Lunch Lady’s big ball recipes and adjusted the ingredients to suit my pantry line up. Here’s what happened:

Lunch Lady balls: big ball style

1 cup almond crumble (or bump and grind your own raw almonds if you have them)
Big ball handful of walnut crumble (you can choose any nuts for your balls)
2 big ball handfuls of sultanas (I soaked mine in warm water to plump up the babies)
1/3 cup cocoa
1 cup desiccated coconut (I LOVE the word desiccated)
handful of extra desiccated coconut for rolling the big balls in

Whack all the ingredients in a blender/food processor until it grinds into a big ball. Remove and shape into your favourite sized balls, roll ’em in coconut and bam, Lunch Lady balls: big ball style.

Our household digs a big ball. These babies are fridge friendly and awesome for the 3.30pm at work/distracted by Facebook snack.

Get these balls into you!

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