Making Saxa Salt Santas

Gee whiz. Christmas is so much more fun when there is a kid involved.
We popped the tree up right smack bang at the end of November. I couldn’t wait. We picked up a classic fake bush from Kmart and aired the plastic smell outside before setting her up in the corner.

I have such awesome Christmas memories from when I was a kid, that this year I’ve gone a bit hard-core eighties mum and have donned my craft apron ready for Santa’s arrival.

To decorate the tree we made classic salt dough decorations. The Kid is only two and a half, so apart from the creatively placed tiny baubles showing Santa’s sac (‘they’re buttons mum for his hat…), I ‘helped’ Alfie decorate the treats once they dried.

Give it a go – an awesome task to whittle away some Santa story time. And don’t forget, if your kid doesn’t want to do it with you, warn them…. Santa’s always watching.

1 1/2 cups of plain flour
1/2 cup table salt (good ol’ Saxa)
1 tablespoon of veggie oil
2/3 cup chilled water
paint, glitter, tiny balls (for the Santa sac)

Pre heat your oven to 120 degrees.
Mix flour and salt together, add oil. Slowly add water.  Stir and knead.
Roll the dough out and cut into shapes. I used Alfie’s Playdough cutters. Use a skewer to make a hole for the ribbon for hanging.
Pop on a tray lined with baking paper and bake for around 2.5 hours or until the decorations are dry and hard.

Once cool, decorate as you wish, Santa sack and all.

Don’t eat these decorations. The Saxa salt will leave you thirsty until New Years!

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