James Dean Day Dream: My letter to Taylor Swift

Dear Tay,

Hi, it’s Ali here. From Yackandandah. I waved to you the other night from row 38D where I was sitting with my buddy Ness. I could tell by your look on the big screen that you saw me. I saw your wink. Hi back!

This is me and Ness drinking beers at the Corner Hotel before we came to see you.

I’m just bursting to tell you all the things I loved about seeing you last Thursday. There were so many things that my Dinky Diary’s magnetic panel wouldn’t close.

Here’s a list of all the reasons why I think we should be friends:

1. Your Wildest Dream clip features Scott Eastwood. I love Clint and have a poster of him. Two degrees man. Two degrees.
2. We both wear red lipstick. All. The. Time.
3. We both have a posse. Yours is less bearded than mine though.
4. I was born in the eighties too.
5. We are both most excellent dancers. I might be a little bit stronger with my 360 spins.
6. I stay up too late and have nothing in my brain too… mmm, mmm.
7. We both have a fringe.
8. You have a Wiki page ‘Swiftipedia’. I have a blog.

During your performance of Wildest Dreams, Ness and I held hands and squealed the lyrics til our voices high-pitched whistles.

When you sang Shake it Off, I danced so hard I smacked a six year old in the back of her head with my denim jacket by accident. Her mum went crook at me.

But it wasn’t all excitement and giggles on this special Thursday. The lead up to your concert was beyond emotion, beyond anything I have felt before. I was as nervous as hell.


  • I wanted you to be everything plus more. I didn’t want you to stuff up and come across as someone like Lindsay Lohan. You didn’t. Good work.
  • I didn’t know what to wear. Was I to dress like a teenager or a teen mum? Instead I was running late and came dressed in work clothes with a laptop which  I had to cloak, losing my Taylor cred I’m sure.
  • I’m really bad at selfies but I so wanted to take one at the concert. I had to get someone to take one for me, my hand was shaking so bad. This someone was eight years old and didn’t know what the puff paint was on my denim jacket.
  • I had to explain to my husband where I was going and he didn’t get it. He asked me if I was meeting my new mate Taylor at the Corner Hotel. Sigh.
  • I don’t know all the lyrics to your songs. But I managed to make them up as I went along and just squealed when I got stuck.
  • I didn’t want to get jealous about your perfect life filled with hot boyfriends, rad girlfriends, sensational wardrobe, witty cat analogies. I didn’t, but I did feel like I was part of your Squad for 90 minutes. Thank you.
  • I don’t own a copy of 1989. But I’ve asked for one from Santa.

After the gig I had to line up for 90 minutes to retrieve my laptop from the cloakroom. But I didn’t care. Ness and I talked about you the whole time.

When I got home from the concert, my feet were tired from the 30cm space dancing in front of my plastic chair. The Taylor wristband was still flashing with excitement on my arm (my son wore it to daycare the next day). And I was filled with the freshest taste of youthfulness I’ve had in forever.

May you never go out of style lady.

With love,
Ali Webb

*NB: This is not Taylor Swift above, but a lovely lady by the name of Liv who looks just like her, I reckon.

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