Wham! Bam! Zucchini and Ham

There’s so many things I love about Christmas, especially now that my kid knows all about Santa, parcels and gingerbread men.

But the best thing is the tucker. And boy, does our little household go a little food crazy the night before.

Alfie doesn’t really crash until 9pm at night, so we had to hold off on the mega assemblage that was a train table until late, so to fill the time and keep a crazy toddler busy, we cooked.

Twas the night before… Santa and his crew have some treats prepared

Potato and trout salad (“the fish looks like he’s eaten an alligator mum”), shanklish + pumpkin + brown rice salad and my specialty; a sensational Tupperware snack wheel of sharply angle cut kabana, pickled onions, cornichons, cubed Coon, Savoys and dip I’ve put in a container to make it look like it’s handmade. Always a party favourite.

But the pride and joy was an award winning prized ham from Andrew’s Choice in Yarraville. I don’t eat a great deal of meat these days, but was busting at the chops to get this in my cake hole.

After the big day is done, there’s only so much ham a family of three can eat. So what to do with the left over pig?

Here’s part one:

Wham Bam Zucchini and Ham

Grate the fuck out of a zucchini – approx four normal sized ones (we had a massive one given to us – the size of an arm)
Throw in a cup full of cheese (in our case we threw in the last of the cubed Coon)
Cut up some of that yummy ham into small bits and chuck it in the bowl
Add some salt and pepper (push it)
About four eggs
Cup full of self raising flour, or enough until it has the consistency of a chunky cake mix
Thow it in a pan on some baking paper (non stick you loon)
Into a pre-warmed 180 degree oven.

Test the Wham Bam with a knife around 30 minutes in. If it comes out clean, you need to start setting that table. If it comes out with mixture hanging off it, hold fire and give it another ten or so.

Serve with chutney, mustard or whatever condiment you have left over from Chrissie Day (just not seafood cocktail sauce. Vom).

Enjoy. Now what to do with the rest….

Wham Bam Zucchini and Ham

The morning of…

The day after: Fish n Chips in Queenscliff

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