Creepy, kooky and Krooked Kebabs: Ali Webb’s Friday night

Hell. I’m so creepy.

I’ve just spent the last hour creepily stalking these two blogs, both of which delve inside people’s houses and the spaces they live in.

It’s Friday night and my kid went to bed at 9pm. I’ve just smashed a block  of Kit Kat chocolate whilst wearing a Hello Kitty nightie and I shed a tear watching Notting Hill on Seven (it followed Better Homes and Gardens – classic Friday). I’m thinking back to the days pre-child when I’d be sinking beers with a mate somewhere, probably in some laneway in the city and on my way home in a taxi, I’d stop by Krooked Kebabs, a crusty caravan of meat horrors on the corner of Francis & Willy Road (no longer there thanks to health standards) and grab myself a falafel.

Random boat in the bathroom sink

To be honest, I kind of prefer the Hello Kitty and Notting Hill nights a little more. Staying in on Friday night is great. The books and magazines are one thing, but the blogs… wow, I’m like a professional creepy stalker person who reads blogs on Friday night.

I love it sick.

Local lass Narelle Dunn of Someone Who Lives Here blog has recently started a rad project taking camera phone pics of houses. I love that they’re not styled pics, just awesome snaps of real life spaces: wet towels on the ground, jocks on the floor, cups half filled with milk sitting on a bedside table. I love it sick.

I’m a massive sucker for the sensational pics of Bri Hammond of Sharehomes project who sneaks into share houses filled with superbly artistic (and way so much cooler than me) people and takes photos of their space. Love. It. Sick.

Thank fuck there’s some ace people out there who can make you feel normal. Our home space is normal – the day after our cleaner comes, we tip toe around trying our darnedest not to wreck or dirty anything. This lasts about 12 minutes, and then, our house is trashed and filled with dog hair, mud, wee on the floor and beard hair (seriously, why can’t hubby trim  the day BEFORE the cleaner comes?)

I’ve been privy to seeing those fully styled photos of kid’s bedrooms – you know those spaces… a place where the word ‘skid mark’ would not have even been whispered. Decals on clean white walls shouting words like ‘Life is beautiful’ unlike our special ‘art wall’ which is where we showcase Alfie’s paintings, gallery style (the art also hides the brown stain of a poo smear which spelled ‘REDRUM’ – well almost).

Random Paw Patrol undies in the hallway

Our house is filled with second hand treats. Alfie and I love scouring the local op shops for toys and books and clothes. The local Buy, Swap, Sell group offers so many treasures that it’s sometimes so hard to resist and being garage sale season, far out… it’s all just too much.

Dancing pantless while Cheef Dog eats off the kitchen floor

So while our house might not look like a Freedom catalogue filled with neon pops and chevron designs, I love walking into our space every freaking day and seeing all the little bits and pieces that we have chosen to make our pad a really ace home.

Every space is a trampoline

Tomorrow is Saturday which means a day of adventure to the country or the coast. I’m already excited about the bric-a-brac stores we will discover on the way. If we don’t find anything, then a classic jelly slice will do.

Hope you have a jelly-slice-creeping-on-everything-nice weekend.

Ali xx

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