Life is better with cheddar

It’s Alfie’s birthday today.

Birthday’s in our household are a bit spesh. There’s always cake, a little present and something fun to do that day.

Today Alfie woke us just after 5am. This has been a pattern for the last ten days (and counting – I’m shitting myself about daylight savings).

He opened his presents and played with them while I cooked brekky.

I asked him what he wanted to take for lunch to the zoo and he told me: “cheese and crackers”. His favourite (who doesn’t love cheese?)

So while he slept I filled the house with the savoury, spicy smell of cheese as I made Rhonda Hetzel’s Cheese Crackers. For those who haven’t heard of Rhonda, you need to read her blog or invest in her books. This woman knows ALL THE THINGS about making a home. Plus she lives in Maleny, Queensland, where I was born, so she has the best knowledge drawn from hippy roots.

I reckon these are going to be a hit once he wakes up. I think they’re also going to taste pretty fucking delicious with our pumpkin soup this evening (thanks be to one rad neighbour who had an out of control pumpkin vine this season).

Super easy. Even my kid could make these.

Give ’em a go! You will never eat Cheds again.

Easy Cheese Crackers / or Zoo Crackers
Rhonda Hetzel

125g grated cheddar cheese
125g grated parmesan
80g butter at room temp
1 cup plain flour
2 tablespoons or so of iced water

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.
Mix cheese, butter and flour in a food processor.
Add enough water to bring the dough together – like a shortbread dough.
Ball up and wrap in glad wrap and pop in fridge. Leave for around 30 mins.
Roll the dough thinly and cut into shapes. I used Reggie’s whiskey glass, but you can use whatever you like.
Place on baking tray and make a couple of fork holes in each bikkie. I added black sesame seeds to mine to make them look like I’ve tried hard.
Bake for 10 mins. Check at this point and see how golden the biscuits are. If they are golden, bring them out. If not, leave for another minute or so. Keep checking, these babies cook fast.

Whack them on a rack to cool. Serve with dip-o-choice.

Perfect zoo crackers,


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