Six things in six days

This week marks my last week of working part time. As I try and get my head around working five days (which I am a little bit excited about), I’m now thinking very swiftly about all the things I want to do before I delve into the full time work force.

Rather than going hard in this final week of being a part time lover, mother and publicist under cover, I thought I’d set myself a sweet little goal of accomplishing six things in six days, with the seventh for rest of course.

So here goes:

1. Bake bread. I’m loving the no-knead recipe. I make this with Alfie every second day.
2. Repot my Spider Plant. Apparently these plants are the beez kneez for indoor living as they make the air cleaner and more spectacular. I’ve read that you can take a cutting and grow a secondary plant quite easily. This baby has been going nuts near our loungeroom window.
3. I’ve been making my friend’s babe a cot blanket for months now and keep getting distracted. Time to get back to crocheting now that the weather is getting cooler.
4. Reggie picked all of these chillies from our front garden. Now we just need to figure out what to do with them. Pickle or freeze?
5. Chickpeas + hummus. Perhaps I might add some chilli and whack it on my homemade bread for lunch.
6. I’ve just finished reading Cheryl Strayd’s Wild (amazing). Now it’s time to continue my obsession with Ken Done. He is such a storyteller. Chapter two awaits.

Enjoy your week!
Ali xxx

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