Six Things in Six Days

1. I’ve worked out how to crochet, now I want to teach myself how to knit. I’m going to start with a scarf before I take on a pair of socks.

2. We are moving offices at work this week so I’m going to bake a cake. I’m thinking lime and coconut. Yesssssssssss.

3. This week, I promise, I’m pruning my roses. I’m hoping my neighbour can teach me (again)

4. I just wanna hold onto that last bit of heat. Found this collection in the local op shop.

5. I picked a stack of this holly in the country on the weekend (it’s so fucking prickly). Gonna hang some round the front door and maybe earn a couple of extra kisses (from the hubby or chance visit from Channing / Scott Eastwood / James Marsden)

6. I’m busting to make or build something so getting some inspo from the last edition of Frankie’s Spaces publication.

Enjoy your week friends.


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