The eighties mum

Paleo, green-eating parents look away! I just made jelly crystal bikkies.

And they are so fucking tasty, I’ve already eaten four.
So what! My kid cleans his teeth (sometimes I have to pin him down or bribe him with an episode of Rabbids) and has been on his bike for the past two hours smashing leaps off jumps and scraping his knees through classic burnouts. 
I sometimes wonder if my own  mum, in her drop waisted summer frock, ever felt slightly guilty or required any justification for when she made us these as kids in the eighties? 
We were skinny little runts of kids running around the paddocks, told to stay outside until we were hungry. It was awesome. We were too busy to be hungry. But when we were, we would kick our gumboots off at the back door, run inside and smash one, two, three rock cakes in a row. If mum had made her cinnamon scrolls, hell we’d be floating our way back to the house from the fort Pepe-le-Peu style.
So I’m sure it’s all in good measurement and of course, all in good taste. Whatever it is, these bikkies aint gonna last.
Super easy to make, thanks to  CWA. Have a go, maybe mix some colours together and then you will be a bloody legend at the park.
Courtesy Berris (of course) Sharman, TAS CWA branch
225g softened butter
1 x packet of jelly crystals (I used red)
2 eggs beaten
3 cups of SR Flour
1 tablespoon corn flour (don’t ask me why)
Cream the butter with the jelly crystals, beat in the eggs, add the flours. Roll into little balls then press the top of them with the back of your fork. Pop in a pre-heated 180 degree oven for around 15 or til golden-brown.
Be an adult. Wait five minutes for the bikkies to cool. Breath. Then chew.
Bam! Jelly Crystal Bikkies

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