You change, me change, tree change


The Webb’s are moving to the bush. And we’re so bloody excited.

This November, we’re gonna pack up our little Yarraville house… you know the one: the house that started this blog while we renovated knocked up to the sky rocket. Silly kids.

We’re heading to Trentham, leaving our sweet 160sqm joint and spreading our wings on a quarter acre down  the road from the pub.

It’s been a year in the making. Reggie started the ball rolling, but Alfie hit the pedal to the metal when he asked us if we could take the back fence down so we could keep running. I wish we could, but there’s an apartment block in  the way.

Reg and I smashed some funds together, both working full time, dying a little of exhaustion – single parenting but living in the same house, just without a day off together.

We started hardcore house hunting six months ago, trying to find an old dame with a porch in  the sun. Each of us taking Alfie with us on separate days, Alfie exhausted at the thought of looking at another house.

We turned the house hunt into adventures, taking a measuring tape with us each  time to work out a space for a pirate ship-themed cubby with a trap door and a pterodactyl nest.

And then one day we cracked it, chucked in an offer on a joint and then sank some beers at the local pub while we watched our kid demolish chips.

We didn’t get the house. Then a few weeks later… we did. I squealed like a madwoman in my open plan office.

So here we are, pooing our pants at the thought of the massive change ahead of us. A massive change involving a 110 year old house located next to a cemetery. Possibly haunted, definitely in need of renovation.

We don’t really know what we’re going to do. We don’t have any daycare nearby, I’m going to be commuting to the city an hour each way five days a week, Reg is going to be hanging out with our kid growing some veggies and putting on a home brew until Christmas. Then I’m sure we will wing something to take us into the new year. We’re gonna be poor, but we will have space for a bonfire which makes us happy.

All I can say is I’m so bloody relieved. Reggie and I suck at being adults. The chaotic life that we’ve had over the past year was all a bit much. Trying to be a grown up is hard and sometimes not very fun. We’re chucking it all in and we’re gonna make our own bread (in a COMBUSTION WOOD FIRE OVEN) and maybe purchase a piece of shit Holden and do it up in our front yard. Man, I’m also thinking about building a half pipe in the back yard. Just because we have space and I’ve always wanted my own skateboard ramp.

But I’m going to need some help. Firstly, I haven’t lit a fire in  about 20 years. I haven’t chopped wood in about 25. I’ve forgotten how to use preserved lemons – let alone how to preserve them. And our dunny is fucking OUTSIDE. That will change pretty quickly.. since it snows in Trentham.

I moved to the city from the bush when I was seventeen and I’m so excited to be heading back.

Wish us luck. We move in November.

Ali xx

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