Good Grief

It’s the end of the year, as we know it. Thank fuck. I’m tired.
But hang on, it wasn’t all that bad… it has only been crap for the past two months.
Wait. It actually hasn’t been that crap the last two months. The last two months just had a bit of crap in it. Maybe a few crap weeks.

So 2016 didn’t really suck, it just had crap moments. Like most years. Yes, it was the year of loss: Bowie, Prince, Sharon Jones, my marriage break up, Leonard Cohen, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and very recently my incredible 92 year old pa. But all of this loss was attached to great lives lived by radical people.

It’s good to grieve loss, I’ve done it before – I’m sure most people have. But I do believe it’s possible to turned grief into goodness. Good grief! It’s healthy to cry, talk about your emotions (especially after a few tinnies), get cuddles from mates and family – sometimes strangers, weep at your desk (sorry colleagues) and feel lonely at the end of the day. It’s just really bloody good to feel something because that makes you a decent human being.

I’ve had a little sparkle of goodness lately where I’ve discovered some really massive things about myself. I promise I will stop banging on about this one day, but it’s the last day of the year so I feel the need to chuck in a bookend. Full  stop. New paragraph.

I have not been single or ‘on my own’ for close to 15 years. I was with my ex husband for 13 years, married for six. It was an excellent time, I don’t regret it one bit. It just ended in a pile of shit, but I’m healing. We both are.
But here I am at 34, a single mum doing my bit in the world with an excellent tiny male-child at my side. And I’m ok. I didn’t see this happening but hell, who knows what tomorrow will bring. I think that’s kind of exciting. Perhaps I was a bit too much in control of my pre-separation life – or at least I thought I was.

I can’t wait for this year to end as I’m looking for something to pinpoint a fresh start. The 1st January 2017 can be that moment.

As much as I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, here’s what I hope 2017 will have in store for me:

Adventures: bloody good, soulful, energetic, fresh, exciting, powerful, mindblowing adventures.
Friends: new and old, near and far. Just heaps of excellent humans around me.
Play: oh so many good times with my son. I just taught him the lyrics to Rapper’s Delight.
Colour: I’m going to wear whatever I want – even if it is a bumbag – because that’s how I roll.
Time: I refuse to use the word busy now. I will make time for my son, my pals, my family, you.
Music: I bought myself a record player for Christmas. Music sounds better with crackles. It’s set up in my bedroom, like I’m a teenager. I’m thinking about putting up a poster of Johnny Diesel on the back of my door.
Food: I want people to come over and raid my fridge, let me cook for them while they sit along my bench and talk about 90s pop culture.
Good men: I’ve heard so many people say ‘Men are hopeless/useless’ lately since my husband and I split. Men are not hopeless or useless, just some people make mistakes. My son is certainly not hopeless or useless, he will grow up surrounded by decent, happy male buddies. As a society we really do need to change our gender-specific phrases. Men are excellent, ladies are excellent. Let’s be excellent together.
Community: Gosh, I love living in Yarraville / inner west Melbourne. I want to write more stories about this fabulous area that I live in. Expect these soon.

And finally, I’m calling 2017 my year of winging it. If someone offers something rad, I won’t feel uncomfortable about accepting. I’m excited about the adventures ahead!

Big love to all my beautiful pals for supporting me during the crap moments in 2016, but bigger love for just being super excellent people during my whole entire life.

Here’s to winging it. Now crack a tinnie.


Rad pic of my son and I above by the sensational Paul Large.

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