From Crappy to Happy: Ali Webb’s Battery Effect

A good mate of mine recently told me about this thing called Strength Theory. You can read all about it here, but in short it’s all about how we highlight the weaknesses that come from our strengths.

Am I on drugs? No. But I think I am now wiser for reading up on this excellent stuff and using the word ‘theory’ in a paragraph.

I’ve been thinking about this today. A lot. I had a crap morning. There was just loads of crap going on in my tiny world. We all have days like this. It started with hating every item of clothing in my wardrobe, then not being efficient with time and getting to work, then being indecisive about what to make for my lunchbox, then feeling overwhelmed at word, then I couldn’t find a decent pencil sharpener and… gah, it all sounds so minute. It was just a bit sucky. Not even Kool & The Gang could fix this arsehole vibe.

So I thought about this Strength Theory. To be honest, I haven’t read through the whole article about this theory, but I’ve read enough to get the idea and write my own version (and maybe impress this guy who told me about it, making me come across as intellectual and meaningful). I’m calling it the Battery Effect.

Every battery has a positive and negative side to it, so I gather that the negative side wouldn’t work without the positive. Which means, in my creative little thought process that you can turn a negative into a positive. Right? Ok.

I’ve been a bit hard on myself lately and I have a list of annoyances about me that potentially were my downfall in being a shit former wife. But I think with my new Battery Effect, I can turn my list into a splendid curation of most excellent things about me. Here goes:

Negative = positive

1. I act like a child = I am fun, playful and superbly energetic
2. I can’t sit still = I am energetic so I do cool things with my kid
3. I wear a bumbag = I travel lightly and efficiently
4. I swear too much = I am self expressive in my vocabulary
5. I’m not a good listener = I’m thinking in advance about you
6. I sing words instead of speak them = I am making my sentences more exciting for your enjoyment
7. I’m too busy = I like to try all the things, even if it is just once (the gym, skateboarding, netball)
8. I’m stuck in the period between 1984-1996 = Because nothing happened in the noughties. Don’t bore me.
9. I don’t take myself seriously = I like fun and adventure. Serious can be later.
10. I talk about irrelevant things = irrelevant can be interesting. It might be irrelevant to you, but it’s important to me. I could talk on the topic of the deepest part of the ocean for weeks on end.

Hopefully this has given you a positive push. Give it a go… perhaps the Battery Effect can take off and I can make a million dollars on my theory. In the meantime, it’s nice to switch the vibe from crappy to happy.

Make sure you have an excellent day tomorrow.

xx good night.

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