F*ck it days

I woke up feeling a bit crummy today. I don’t know if it was a hangover from last night’s beers, the 20 hour return flight from Indonesia or post-tour blues. But I felt the need to pull my shit together, grow up, drink green juice, pat puppies, donate to charity, become an excellent human being.


I’m kid free until Wednesday. It’s weird being kid free when you’re a single parent. There’s not a great deal of stuff that you HAVE to do when you’re on your own, but there’s plenty of things that you can totally do because you are on your own.

Like brunch. And brunch I did.

Like cooking food that doesn’t include ‘hidden’ veggies. And cook I did.

Like go into a bookshop and make book choices based on recommendations and peruse in your own time, rather than purchase a tale on getting rid of night-time nappies (for my kid, not me) at 11pm using my phone with only one eye open. And bookshop I did.

Alone time is rad time. As a permanent over-thinker of life, it’s made me think about what happens next when life goes back to normality and I’m a 35 year old single mum divorcee again.

I was explaining this to the bespectacled man behind the bookshop counter and we workshopped some life tips. It was an inspirational thirty minutes. Actually life-changing. So life changing, I need to share my new curated life tips with you:

  1. Know your boundaries. Respect them and respect others.
  2. Brush your hair daily.
  3. Find the origin of your anxiety and embrace its roots. Chill.
  4. Don’t overthink tomorrow today.
  5. Go outside.
  6. Don’t put yourself down. You are rad.
  7. Say ‘thank  you’ instead of ‘sorry’.
  8. Be positive in your position.
  9. One thing at a time.
  10. Other people’s reactions are not your fault.
  11. Drink water until your wee runs clear. Clear wee equals a clear mind.
  12. Ask people questions about life. Learn along the way.
  13. Pack a lunch every day to look forward to.
  14. Get soaked in nature, not screens.
  15. You deserve good bed linen. Make the investment.

The Bookshop Boy sold me a copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A Fuck. This is where I’m at right now. Wanna do this together? Let’s not give fucks together.

Love Ali.

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